Why is Linux important to web hosting?

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I have been writing about Linux hosting, but I haven’t really explained what Linux hosting is. Why is Linux hosting used, and where is Linux hosting used.

Linux hosting is the use of an open-source Linux operating system as the primary operating system used to serve website files, folders, and databases. Linux makes a website live by providing access to the website’s resources, such as files, to multiple users accessing the website globally.

Web hosting service providers such as Bluehost, HostPinnacle, and Hostinger use Linux as the main operating system. The main drive behind the use of Linux hosting is its simplicity of use.

However, other things have contributed to the preference for Linux operating in web hosting.

Why is Linux used for web hosting?

The main reason behind the use of Linux for web hosting is the compatibility of Linux with most web technologies such as PHP, Python, and MySQL.

As Linux supports these web technologies, Linux has become a better preference for the popular content management system and scripts such as WordPress.

Most of the websites are built with WordPress software, which is usually installed on Linux web hosting servers.

Other than these primary reasons, most companies and individuals have preferred Linux hosting because of the following features and advantages it provides.

1. Linux is free to use

Linux operating system is built by an open-source community, meaning that you do not need expensive licenses to start using Linux. Thus, Linux saves web hosting costs.

2. Linux is the most reliable and efficient operating system

As Linux receives intensive monitoring from the large community of open-source developers and contributors, it has developed into one of the most reliable operating systems.

Before a new Linux version is released, it must pass through thousands of eyes that actively test it to make Linux bug-free or error-free. An operating system that is not vulnerable to malware attacks is the most reliable and serves your web application 24/7 without downtime.

3. Using Linux web hosting saves cost

Aside from Linux operating system being free, Linux runs on very minimal server resources.

You must stay within some limit as you purchase computer resources such as RAM, CPU, and SSD/HDD from a hosting service. Over-utilization of server resources may lead to higher monthly bills, especially when using cloud hosting servers.

Because Linux uses minimal resources, you are likely to incur fewer charges compared to using other operating systems that require more resources to run optimally.

4. Linux is affordable to most customers

Linux runs very cheaply regarding resource usage, and no license fees required. That means that web hosting services will provides Linux servers at cheaper prices because they do not require too many physical computer resources.

Moreover, your web application will serve many users without incurring costs that would be affordable for small to medium websites.

By the way, if you want some of the most affordable Linux servers, be sure to check these great Linux web hosting service providers:

Best Linux Web hosting service providers

5. Linux offers total flexibility

As new web technologies emerge, one must consider an operating system that adapts to each emerging technology. Linux is a very good choice for someone considering upgrading their web application as the technology evolves.

Linux receives a lot of community support, meaning that developers and contributors actively contribute to developing an upgrade that will support the trending technology.

Moreover, Linux is very compatible with the majority of software technologies. Developers can integrate Linux with other systems easily. Not only does Linux support new technologies, but you may also use Linux with most current systems.

6. Linux is very customizable

One of the main reasons Linux has impressed companies because of the customizability that it provides. Linux servers are more customizable and may be tailored according to the needs of a business or a software engineer.

Linux may have some components that websites may not need to operate certain processes or workflows. Thus, you can easily remove such components, and your web application will run optimally.

Moreover, reducing the number of components improves the performance of your system because Linux does not have to run services that are not needed.

7. Linux offers both GUI and command-level interface

Linux offers one of the most intuitive graphical user interfaces, such as cPanel, which manages the server resources and the system.

On top of that, Linux provides a command-level interface such as the TTY Terminal that is used to execute all or most processes needed to manage and allocate resources to a web application.

You can use the graphical user interface and the Terminal to manage files, optimize the system, and add or remove components from the system.

8. Linux provides high-end security

Before it is released, Linux must be tested against almost all of the known web-based, software-based, and operating system-based vulnerabilities.

Linux deploys advanced file access and permissions on the files and folders stored on your server.

When using Linux, you shouldn’t worry too about malware attacks from viruses that lead to file compromises.

Do we need Linux web hosting?

Suppose you want more flexibility, security, and a fast-performing web application; you should definitely consider Linux when you’re hosting your web application.

Definitely yes!

You will need Linux to manage the resources on the server, monitor resource usage, and optimize the system to make your web application perform better.

Also, if you want your web application to operate without issues such as downtime, you should use Linux web hosting. Linux doesn’t require reboots as often.

Thus, you will have a better uptime guarantee when your operating system is always serving your website.

On top of that, Linux hosting will be a great choice as it supports everything you think of in terms of hosting a website. As Linux supports most web technologies, you can host WordPress websites, online stores, or WordPress blogs.

Besides, if you have a custom-made web application, for example, Django or NodeJs web app, you can deploy such websites using Linux hosting.

When you want stability, safety, and efficiency for your website or web application, choose Linux hosting because you will be receiving one of the most reasonable and affordable options. Linux hosting resources are very affordable to acquire.

What are the benefits of using Linux for web hosting over Windows?

The primary reason behind Linux preference is the ability to use custom software and support for most programming languages and frameworks.

If you have Windows as your server operating system, I am sure you’re limited to the software applications provided by Windows corporation. Besides, some of the software applications aren’t offered for free.

Other times, you may encounter a situation where Windows operating system does not support some programming languages or web frameworks. Or, installing and configuring a new web technology or programming language may be very hard to implement.

It would take too much time to set up such technologies.

All these problems do not happen on Linux hosting.

Linux is very flexible and allows the use of custom software applications. Moreover, Linux supports the majority of the old and new programming languages.

On Linux hosting, you do not need to purchase most of the custom software applications available. Most of these software applications are offered for free by the open-source community. On top of that, installing these applications takes way less time and effort to configure.

You should definitely use Linux! I am convincing you too much.

Linux on cPanel: What is Linux hosting with cPanel?

Linux offers one of the most reliable and intuitive server and site management graphical interfaces. You may use cPanel for website and server management.

You can use cPanel to host new websites and databases, organize files, manage domains, and create email accounts.

Therefore, if you do not prefer the Terminal to manage files, websites, and databases on the server, you have the cPanel that provides you with the most intuitive approach to managing server resources.

Which web hosting is best for WordPress: Should I use Linux or Windows for WordPress websites?

If you do not want to have a headache configuring PHP on Windows, go ahead.

WordPress uses PHP and MySQL as the leading technologies of web development.

Linux is the best operating system if you are hosting a WordPress website. PHP is very easy to set up on Linux. Moreover, PHP runs efficiently with Linux.

Another thing is the databases that you have access to. If you’re using the Microsoft Access database, your website will be much slower to access compared to when you’re using MySQL.

Thus if you want an easy time setting up PHP and using one of the most robust databases, MySQL, you should definitely choose Linux for your WordPress website.

Also, Linux would be the best choice if you’re aiming to reduce operating system licensing costs. Regarding hosting costs, Linux will use resources efficiently while serving your website without reduced performance.

Choosing Linux hosting over Windows hosting is the most cost-effective choice for your WordPress. Besides, it is the only choice to ensure that your website runs very fast.

How much does it cost to host a Linux server?

All these advantages and features! Linux hosting must be very costly.

Well, you may be wrong.

Linux hosting is one of the most affordable operating systems you can choose for your hosting server. As Linux uses resources optimally, you will incur hosting costs only when the website’s traffic skews too much on a cloud hosting setup.

Other cheaper options include shared hosting and VPS hosting. You may use shared and VPS hosting for custom-made and WordPress websites.

On shared hosting, the cost of hosting can range from $1.99 to $9.99 per month.

For a virtual private server (VPS), you may incur hosting costs ranging from $2.99 to $99.99 per month.

If you want to purchase the most affordable and reliable Linux servers for your WordPress or custom-made websites on Shared hosting or VPS hosting, be sure to check these hosting services.

That’s it for this article. I hope to see you in my next writing!

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