Hostpinnacle – Get Started with Affordable Web Hosting

Hostpinnacle Kenya is a web hosting company that offers affordable web hosting and domain registration. If you have a business that needs a website to reach out to your customers or are a content marketer/blogger, hostpinnacle Kenya is the best web hosting that allows you to get started on a budget for a website or blog.

With the affordability, I thought that hostpinnacle would compromise on other critical areas of the performance, reliability, and security of websites hosted with them. But, hostpinnacle has continued to offer the best performance, reliability, security, and support for my websites.

I base this review on an actual process that I have tested with hostpinnacle Kenya web hosting company. Besides, create a new website and test its performance and page load.

For a start, here is what hostpinnacle Kenya advertises to provide whenever you purchase a web hosting package with them:

In addition to that, you will get:

More RAM (2 – 8 GB)

35 GB to Unlimited Disk Space

Unlimited Email accounts

Unlimited Monthly bandwidth

Host unlimited websites for free

Host Python, PHP, and Node.js web applications

LiteSpeed cache

No hidden extra costs and charges

For this review, I will not read you all the benefits that hostpinnacle Kenya provides for businesses and bloggers making websites with them.

Besides benefits, I will outline the actual results I have had with hostpinnacle Kenya.

If you want a new website or blog, you want to be assured that the hosting company provides what it advertises. That’s why I go an extra step to provide detailed information and actual results that I have had with hostpinnacle Kenya.

I am going to talk about how easy it is to

  1. Buy affordable web hosting
  2. Buy .com domains
  3. Buy domains
  4. Set up .com and websites on cPanel
  5. Set up business emails and how fast they are
  6. Host WordPress websites and blogs
  7. Set up SSL for your new addon domains
  8. Host unlimited websites
  9. Host Python apps such as Django websites or Node apps
  10. Manage things such as deleting unnecessary wp themes
  11. Securing your website with Cloudflare and Imunify 360 Security

Affordable web hosting and domain registration

Hostpinnacle is the ideal web hosting company that provides you with the cheapest domains with hosting.

You will need to purchase web hosting where your website or blog files will live. Hostpinnacle Kenya provides web hosting services at a very affordable price without compromising on the features they promise.

On top of that, hostpinnacle provides the safest domain registration services for .com,, .org, e.t.c domains.

How easy it is to set up websites on hostpinnacle Kenya

Hostpinnacle Kenya makes it easy to set up new websites right from their home page.

Here’s the process that takes a few minutes to complete:

Choose the hosting package right from the home page of the hostpinnacle Kenya website.

Select the perfect plan that fits you. Choose STANDARD or PREMIUM options if you want to host unlimited websites.

Choose hosting package on hostpinnacle kenya

Search for your free domain availability. Click continue when you find a domain name that suits you and is available.

Confirm your order and click continue to complete the purchase.

Select ID protection for your domain and click continue

Review the checkout page and click on Checkout.

Fill in your information, billing address, password of your choice, payment details, and payment option, and click complete order.

After completing the order, hostpinnacle will send your cPanel login information, account details, order summary, and additional information to your email.

With cPanel and account information, you should be able to log in to your cPanel and start making your new website and customizing its design. You have the option of developing your websites with WordPress. Besides, you have the option of hosting Python Django and Node.js websites. This article has all the steps you need to host Python Django web applications on cPanel with hostpinnacle Kenya.

With hostpinnacle, you have the freedom and space you need to host unlimited websites without incurring any extra or hidden charges.

Besides, Hostpinnacle Kenya offers tutorials and documentation to get you started with hosting your websites. On cPanel, creating WordPress websites and blogs has been made easy with the softaculous software that makes it easy to install and use WordPress on your primary and addon domains.

Hosting unlimited websites and blogs with hostpinnacle Kenya

After purchasing hosting packages with hostpinnacle, you get a free lifetime domain name of your liking.

Besides, you may host unlimited websites with addons domains with an executive hosting package. Addon domains allow you to create additional websites different from your main domain account. You can host as many websites as you want with one hostpinnacle web hosting account.

What better reason to choose hostpinnacle other than how easy it is to set up an addon domain – it is very easy and intuitive.

Everything boils down to simplicity when it comes to hostpinnacle Kenya.

Check this out.

Basically, here’s how you would set up a new website with hostpinnacle Kenya.

Step 1: Buy a new .com or domain with hostpinnacle and a hosting package

Follow this link to buy a domain with hostpinnacle.

Step 2: Change the nameservers to point to your default nameservers assigned to you.

After login into your hostpinnacle account, head over to the Domain section, click on your new domain name and select manage nameservers.

If you registered a domain with another hosting company, you would also change the nameservers the same way.

Make sure that the nameservers point to your primary hosting account.

If you do not know the nameservers of your web hosting server, open a ticket or contact the hostpinnacle team. They have a great response time and support.

After setting up a new domain name, create a new addon domain you want to host with your new website.

Step 3: Create a new addon domain using the domain name you purchased

Log in to the control panel (cPanel) and navigate into the Domain section and click on the link.

Create a new domain using the same domain name you purchased.

Click the submit button, and your new domain name is set.

Step 4: Add SSL to your domain by running AutoSSL

Head over to the cPanel homepage by clicking tools. Click the SSL/TLS Status link and press the Run AutoSSL button to install SSL to your website automatically.

Step 5: Use softaculous to install WordPress on the new domain name

Create a new website or blog using softaculous software within minutes on hostpinnacle.

When selecting the domain name, choose the addon domain that you added earlier.

With that, your website should be ready to be accessible within a day.

See, hosting an unlimited website with hostpinnacle is that easy. Purchase as many domain names and follow the above step-by-step process. That way, you will be able to host unlimited websites.

You do not incur extra charges no matter how many websites you host with hostpinnacle Kenya. Very affordable!

Are websites hosted on hostpinnacle Kenya secure?

You get a very secure website with hostpinnacle Kenya. The company implements Imunify 360 Security, which makes web vulnerability and virus detection very efficient. Imunify 360 is a security solution for Linux servers that keeps your web hosting secure, safe, and free from malware.

Other security features included on hostpinnacle web hosting include Let’s Encrypt™ SSL, IP Blocker, Two-Factor Authentication, Hotlink protection, and Leech protection.

Besides, you can integrate your website with Cloudflare to enhance your website security. Cloudflare mitigates web vulnerabilities before they reach your host.

How fast are websites hosted with hostpinnacle?

Well, I went ahead and hosted a couple of WordPress and Python websites with hostpinnacle, and I can say that I am happy with the speeds on Google PageSpeedInsight and other website speed test tools.

On Google PageSpeedInsights, all the websites had good page loading scores on both mobile and desktop.

Website 1:

Website hosted on hostpinnacle page speed
Website hosted on hostpinnacle page speed

Website 2:

Page speed load time for website hosted on hostpinnacle

On websitespeedtest, here is the page load time for a WordPress and Python Django website.

WordPress website on hostpinnacle page load speed

These scores are ideal for SEO. Google recommends a page load time that is less than 3 seconds for websites. So, if you’re a business or blogger, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about if your website is lagging.

Also, Python Django and Node.js websites perform faster on hostpinnacle web hosting.

After configuring some settings such as caching, resizing images, and delivering images in next-generation formats, such as webp, these websites produced optimal scores and lower page load time.

However, as with all web hosting companies, if you use slow themes and too many plugins, you will end up with a slower website.

If you have a slow website, contact me, and I will be willing to check it out and improve it for you.

Setting up business emails with hostpinnacle Kenya

After purchasing a web hosting package, you can create unlimited email accounts under the domain name you have purchased with hostpinnacle.

In addition to that, with the correct configuration, these business emails are speedy.

Setting up new email accounts with hostpinnacle Kenya is very easy.

Login to your cPanel.

Head over to the email section and follow the Email Accounts link.

Choose the domain name you want to create an email account under. Enter the username you want to use.

For example, if you want to have [email protected], enter the username as info.

Create a password and press Create.

That should be it to set up new email accounts with hostpinnacle Kenya.

Hostpinnacle Kenya offers great web hosting packages at very affordable pricing. Hostpinnacle web hosting includes hosting of unlimited websites and domain registration. If you are a business owner, organization, or blogger, you can use hostpinnacle to host your websites and blogs. The advantages come in the form of affordability, reliability, excellent customer support, and fast-performing websites.

Besides, if you are a web developer, you may use hostpinnacle to host unlimited websites for your clients. Hostpinnacle Kenya supports WordPress, Python, and Node.js websites on their web hosting.

Other features you get with hostpinnacle are unlimited email accounts, free domain name, free SSL certificates, unlimited disk space, and a database that is PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Hostpinnacle is worth your investment.

As I have taken an extra step and hosted a new website with hostpinnacle in this tutorial, you have no reason to doubt hostpinnacle Kenya web hosting company. Moreover, I have hosted many websites with them, and they are great.

If you want to check them out, here is a link to their page.

Hostpinnacle Kenya is the best web hosting company for your websites and blogs.

Managing files, databases, and themes on hostpinnacle Kenya

On hostpinnacle, the control panel is developed to offer you the easiest and most interactive web pages, allowing you to manage things effectively. The hostpinnacle control panel has file and database managers that makes creating, updating, deleting, and viewing files, directories, and databases easier.

On top of that, you get the best technical service support whenever you face a challenge with your web hosting or website.

When it comes to backup, hostpinnacle has an effective strategy that ensures that your web hosting files, databases, emails, and websites are backed up on file change.

With security, reliability, and simplicity setting up a website or blog with hostpinnacle Kenya is very straightforward.

Let’s see how easy it is to install WordPress and create a website:

How to create a WordPress website or blog with hostpinnacle

To install WordPress, log in to your cPanel account and click on WordPress Manager by Softaculous under the Software section.

Alternatively, you may use the SitePad Website Builder to create a website within minutes. But, for now, let’s create a website using WordPress.

On the WordPress Management page, click install.

Select the domain name you want to use for your new WordPress website. Also, enter additional information about your website, such as site name, site description, database parameters, admin credentials, and the theme for your website.

Click install.

Wait for the installation to complete.

Your website should be live.

Go ahead and log in to your WordPress website admin page by accessing, Use the admin page to install new plugins and design your website to your liking.

For preference, Gutenburg or a page builder such as Elementor should be enough for your website.

As for a theme, you should install Astra, Blocksy, or Kadence themes as they are fast and reliable.

If you want a professional and fast WordPress website, contact me, and you will not regret my services.

After you install the preferred wp themes, you should clean the old themes on your web host.

For hostpinnacle Kenya web hosting, here’s how to delete wp themes:

Open WordPress Manager by Softaculous.

Select the domain name you want to remove wp themes.

Click on Manage Themes

Press the delete button on any theme that you do not need.

That should delete unnecessary wp themes from your hostpinnacle web host.


In almost every area, Hostpinnacle Kenya does quite well. For example, their support is very quick, friendly, and effective. Managing websites, email accounts, and files on hostpinnacle accounts also promise to be very effective. On top of that, they provide effective measures for the security of each website. With Litespeed, reliable uptime guarantee, and integrability with Cloudflare, websites hosted with hostpinnacle tend to be very fast, with load speeds ranging from less than one second to three seconds.

All these features are certainly what businesses and bloggers can take full advantage of. Hostpinnacle makes creating websites and blogs easy, fast, and secure, allowing you to focus on your marketing goals and content creation strategies. You do not have to worry about downtime for websites hosted with hostpinnacle Kenya.

I know hostpinnacle is a great affordable web hosting company to use to buy domains, host websites, and set up business emails, among other things. It is very easy to use, especially when it comes to starting WordPress, Python, and Node web applications.

Check them out.

Pros and Cons of hostpinnacle Kenya