Best web hosting services for WordPress, Python, and Node.js websites

The Great Web Hosting Experience Awaits


You can find many paid hosting services that allow you to easily host a blog with the popular WordPress software for prices as cheap as $2 to $10 a month.

WordPress is a widely used software that has a large ecosystem. If you are just getting started and don’t know much about programming, you can always set up a WordPress website.

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What features should I look for when purchasing a Hosting plan/package?

When looking for a service to host your WordPress website, choose a service that allows you to install WordPress with a single click.

It should take a couple of minutes to set up and run a website in minutes.

A Shared Hosting plan will work right for you for a new WordPress website.

Can I host my website on a VPS?

You can also host your website on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), both a WordPress or a Custom-made website.

VPS gives you a complete operating system that you can deploy your WordPress website or a custom-coded website.

However, it involves several steps that can be tricky to set up.

If you have a web application and want to set up your website on a VPS, I can also help you with such a service.

Should I choose a free or paid web hosting option?

  • Free option

You may consider using a free option of hosting your website or blog with a popular hosting service. A free option is a setup where you use a free domain name that has the company’s name on it.

For example, the final link for your website will be

You can use such a service, but you are limited on your website customization. The hosting service dictates the terms. Additionally, it will be hard to migrate from a free to a paid option.

  • Paid option

You should choose a cheap hosting service that you will spend a few dollars for the first year, then work on your blog or website within that time frame.

If you work hard on your marketing, it is easy to afford your hosting fees for one year.

If you need a strategy for marketing your website using long-serving and organic processes, talk to me – I will help you achieve that.

You can easily upgrade after you get your wheels running and get some cash from your website.

How do you choose the right web hosting service?

Choosing a web hosting service depends on these things:

  1. The technology used to build your website
  2. Features offered in each plan/package advertised by the hosting service

Selecting a hosting package depending on the type of the website

  1. Web application

Choose a web hosting that supports the technology used to build your web application.

You will find that some web hosting services or plans do not include the web technology that you have used to develop your web app. For example, some services or plans do not include support for Python apps. Therefore, you cannot host Django web applications using that plan or service.

Also, it depends on how large your website is

Choose a plan/package with the right bandwidth, CPU, and memory (RAM) for your web application. A large website that serves many users requires high bandwidth and memory.

Alternatively, choose VPS if you have a huge web application with too many endpoints and require high processing.

Another thing: check the traffic threshold of the package

Choose a plan that can support many users if you are likely to receive significant traffic.

Alternatively, you can purchase a VPS if the traffic increases with time.

2. WordPress website

Before purchasing a plan/package, check that you can easily set up a WordPress.

Besides, check that the hosting service provides support if you encounter any issues with your website.

Although you should set up a backup strategy for your website, check that your hosting service automatically backs up your website regularly.

Here are the companies/hosting services that I use and recommend


When you are getting started and you want to go for the cheapest service, HostPinnacle is an excellent service.

Besides, if you are in Kenya, it is a great company you can use for your WordPress website and web application.

The service provides you with Shared and VPS hosting

Click here to learn more about HostPinnacle.


Another great international hosting service is Hostinger. Hostinger provides you with Shared and VPS hosting for your WordPress websites and web applications. 

You can purchase a Shared Hosting plan to host a WordPress website. The process of creating a website is so easy.

Hostinger also has VPS Hosting that you can use to host WordPress and custom-coded websites.

If you want to purchase excellent service at a very cheap rate, 

Click here to learn more about Hostinger.

3. Digital Ocean

When you want to deploy scalable Django web applications, Digital Ocean is one of the best hosting companies. Setting up operating systems and installing Python Django dependencies is very easy.

Besides, Digital Ocean’s customer support is very great and responsive.

If you want to host medium to large web applications, Digital Ocean serves your needs by offering the latest server technology geared towards deploying web applications made with Python, Node, e.t.c.

Besides, they are very affordable. If you use my link, you will get a huge discount with free credits from them.

Click here to learn more about Digital Ocean.

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Why HostPinnacle and Hostinger are great choices to host your websites?

  1. Great customer support. You will never face a situation where technical support closes a ticket before an issue is resolved. Their timely response is excellent.
  2. Fast servers
  3. Their prices can’t be beaten. They offer great value for the price.
  4. Their servers handle the traffic very well, never letting you down.

Here are the general steps to making a WordPress website 

  • Decide on the hosting plan: SHARED HOSTING OR VPS. You should probably choose shared hosting for a new website
  • Deciding on which hosting service to use
  • Purchase a plan/package with the hosting service. Additionally, purchase a domain name for your website. Preferably, use the same company.
  • Set up and install WordPress software
  • Customize your website. Install a theme and customize the template according to your brand. Additionally, create a logo and content for your website or blog.
  • Start marketing! Start writing content for your blog. Do you need article writing service, contact me –I will show you the best strategy to boost traffic to your website.

Here are the general steps to deploying a Custom-coded website (Django)

  • Decide on the hosting plan: SHARED HOSTING OR VPS. You should probably choose VPS if your web application is enormous and will probably handle too much traffic.
  • Deciding on which hosting service to use
  • Purchase a plan/package with the hosting service. Additionally, purchase a domain name for your website. Preferably, use the same company.
  • Login to your server using SSH with a root user account
  • Update the system operating system, install required packages and tools, and activate virtual environments if needed. Besides, install the database management system used by your application
  • Upload your web application files, connect your database and environment variables, and configure your web application using the required deployment settings.
  • Activate the application and deploy

Find more information on deploying Django applications on a Linux server here.