Why do most programmers prefer to code in Linux?

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Ubuntu is one of the most stable Linux distributions used as a desktop and server operating system. Programmers have preferred to use Ubuntu for their coding tasks and processes over other operating systems.

So, why do most programmers prefer to use Ubuntu for programming tasks and workflows? Programmers prefer to use Ubuntu for their software engineering because of the tool, utilities, and software Linux offers. Besides, programming using Ubuntu as one of the fastest and most stable operating systems allows them to increase their productivity without worrying about a lagging machine. Linux runs fast and efficiently on low RAM, disk space, and CPU speed.

There are many reasons a programmer prefers to use Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu or Kali Linux for development purposes.

Installing software applications is very easy on Linux

One of the main reasons is the ability to install, set up, and manage software applications easily. You need a few commands to install Python, NodeJs, or any other programming tool or technology on Linux. Being able to install and use software and utilities within no time increases the productivity of a programmer.

Linux support rapid development and prototyping techniques

Programmers love Linux, especially Ubuntu, because of the rapid development and prototyping. Your boss will always be happy with your software products’ delivery.

Linux allows programmers to employ various programming technologies and object-oriented programming techniques used during development.

Linux is a versatile operating system used to develop software solutions faster with the need to develop a final product. You can easily develop prototypes, deploy them using the same Ubuntu OS, and keep updating them.

Moreover, Linux has a FIGMA app, considered one of the best tools for creating product and UX design prototypes.

When using Ubuntu, for example, to develop web applications, you do not need to complete the whole project at once before deployment. You can work on your project using agile development methods easily on Linux. Linux allows you to manage software product development using incremental and iterative development practices.

Linux is one of the fastest operating systems

A computer with low storage, RAM, and CPU speed will run slowly on operating systems with bloatware applications and too many background processes. On Linux, you do not have to worry about non-essential applications or processes running in the background, slowing down your machine.

Ubuntu is one of the fastest operating systems.

Thus it increases the productivity of programmers because they do not have to waste time waiting for some applications or chrome tabs to respond.

Linux is very stable and increases programmer’s productivity

Another good thing about Linux is it’s very stable. I have never faced those moments when I am programming and the computer crashes without notice. 

In fact, at the time of writing, my Kali Linux had an uptime of over 60 hours without having to reboot. 

Linux uptime on Ubuntu, Kali Linux

Linux doesn’t require necessary reboots even after updating the system. Thus, as a programmer, you do not have to keep waiting for the machine to boot when resuming writing your code.

You just flip the laptop open! And you start typing.

You do not need to learn a new operating system when deploying software solutions on servers

Most web developers prefer using Linux as their desktop and server operating system.

One advantage of using Linux across desktop and server operating systems is that you do not have to learn a new operating system when deploying the web application.

Most web technologies such as Django, Perl, Python, Java, Go, and PHP run optimally on Ubuntu systems. 

Linux, especially Ubuntu, is one of the most considered server operating systems

As I said, the Linux system doesn’t require constant rebooting, which is a great advantage for your web applications because it increases the uptime of a website. Moreover, Ubuntu operating system is fast, stable, and efficient in managing server resources. Thus your web application will run faster, leading to a fast page load.

Moreover, Ubuntu efficiently serves your websites, files, and databases on hardware or virtualized server resources.

Be sure to check these hosting companies that provide the best Linux servers that you can use to host your web applications and software solutions:

Best hosting providers

Which is the best Linux for beginners?

You may use two Linux distros for your programming workflows, Kali Linux and Ubuntu. 

Which one is better, Ubuntu or Kali Linux?

If you’re starting with Linux, Ubuntu is the best choice because it is to learn and has a user-friendly desktop environment system, GNOME.

Ubuntu Linux Fundamentals

If you wish to learn the basics of Ubuntu OS such as managing the OS for personal use or for Linux servers that are used for deploying web applications such as Python Django, then “Ubuntu Linux Fundamentals Linux Server Administration Basics” is the right course for you.

Be sure to check it out. I guarantee you, it is worth your investment.

If you’re familiar with the most basic commands and aim to choose the programming and penetration testing route, then Kali Linux is the best choice. Besides, Kali Linux has a good window management system, GNOME.

If you’re not sure which to choose, just go with Ubuntu.

If you prefer to use both Linux and Windows before switching to Linux, check this article that has all the details on installing Linux alongside Windows 10.

Is Ubuntu easy to learn?

Learning Ubuntu requires action.

Everything that you will learn as a new thing will have its difficulties. The same goes for learning Linux.

Install the system and mess it up while figuring out how the interface works. After you’re familiar with the interface, start learning the basic Linux commands used to manage files and directories

Next, learn other BASH commands used to manage the system, navigate through the filesystem, and change file permissions. At this point, you’re ready to use Ubuntu for desktop and server environments.

It shouldn’t take long to master these commands. 

Learning Ubuntu is very easy.

I have written about the basic Linux commands you should know to get you started. Read this article.

Eight reasons why Ubuntu is the easiest Linux distro to use

  1. Ubuntu has a simple desktop environment that is very easy to use
  2. Installing applications on Ubuntu is very easy while using Ubuntu Software
  3. Ubuntu has a user-friendly interface that comes pre-installed with essential tools used for programming, media processing, and word processing
  4. Ubuntu offers you a collection of software applications that you can use for a wide variety of tasks such as writing, gaming, photo editing, and video processing and rendering.
  5. Ubuntu has a unique user experience that is very reliable
  6. You do not have to worry about the risk of being hacked or your system’s security compromised
  7. You get an out-of-the-box privacy solution for your files without having to install additional software applications.

Is Ubuntu good for web development?

Choosing Ubuntu for your web development workflows and processes could be the best decision you would ever make. Ubuntu offers web developers all the tools needed for web development.

Besides, Ubuntu provides support for the latest web technologies and legacy ones.

Almost every tool used on Ubuntu is open-source and downloadable for free.

Linux allows a web developer to alter the system components properly while making the operating system more secure and powerful.

That is freedom!

On top of that, you do not have to worry about malware compromising your code and files when you’re using Linux.

Linux will save you time and increase your productivity as a programmer.

Should I learn Python or Javascript on Windows or Linux?

After you’re familiar with using Linux and the Linux Terminal commands, you should start learning a programming language such as Python or JavaScript.

The good thing about learning Python or Javascript on Linux is that Linux will conserve your learning and development time, making the learning process easier and more fun.

As Linux is very stable, fast, secure, and reliable, you do not have to spend too much time configuring it whenever you install new technology. You just need to open the Terminal, run a few commands, and your software application should be ready.

In addition, Linux will support multitasking, allowing you to open a few software applications, IDEs, and development tools without compromising on their speed.

Another thing about using Python or JavaScript on Linux is that the performance tends to be much faster than on Windows.

Linux makes it easier to use Python or JavaScript because you do not have to go through many installation and configuration steps compared to Windows.

Linux offers you an easy way to switch between different versions of a programming language such as Python. On top of that, you can use more than one different version of Python on Linux.

Therefore, your development, productivity, and learning increase with time.

So, is Linux worth learning? Linux is considered one of the best platforms for development because it increases your productivity by making it easy to use Linux, install new development technologies and tools, and provide you with a secure system.

Definitely, learning Linux is worth your time and investment because you will not only have monetizable skills but also hands-on skills that will guarantee you on-demand job opportunities.

Leaning Linux should never scare you. With the will to learn and follow the right strategy, you should be able to be a master Linux user or administrator within no time. Check out this course to learn more.

On Linux, you focus on your development processes instead of worrying about other configurations needed to run a system smoothly.

And that’s it!

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